Peaceful Homestay

Oak Park

홈스테이 미국, Oak Park

Life is wonderful! I've been hosting International students and travelers for over 15 years and love it! I love living peacefully and sharing my home with others. My home is filled with lots of opportunities for communication and fun times.

I'm self employed and love travel.

I enjoy the cultural diversity we all experience here as one family.

I love laughter, the arts and family nights with my students and guests.

Each bedroom in my home is private.. The kitchen and bathrooms are shared. We have no house keeper, so everyone is responsible for making sure the areas they use are left nice for the rest of us to enjoy as well

Our home is one block from the green line train, 30 minutes from downtown Chicago and about 35 minutes from both airports.

Pete's Fresh Market is our grocery store, which has delicious cooked foods as well.

If you're staying for atleast a month and have detergent, you can schedule to wash twice a month at home and laundromats are close by.

Our neighborhood is also diverse and full of ethnic restaurants and activities, there's even a movie theater.

You co-host is Connor the Cat:)

Airport pickup is $50

We invite you to come and be part of our International family and hope to hear from you soon...

Your Host!

호스트: Cote
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  • 호스트 비흡연
  • 집안내 애완동물(들) 거주
  • This host welcomes the following guests:
    • ESL/foreign exchange students
    • college or university students
    • adults (mid-twenties and older)
    • couples
    • families with children
    • new immigrants
    • business travellers
서비스 및 편의시설
  • 식사 포함여부: 아침, 저녁
  • 무선 광역 인터넷 (Wi-Fi)
  • 발코니나 마당과 같은 집 밖의 공간에서만 가능
  • Self service laundry included in fee (use of machine and detergent)
입주 정보
  • 1 침실, 1명 체류 가능
  • 1달 최소 체류기간
  • 이주를 원할 시 2주 사전 안내 요망

이 홈스테이에는 1개의 방이 있습니다

룸 No1: 2층이상

1명 체류 가능

입주 가능 날짜: 오늘


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